Four popularity Rolex mechanical wristwatches

15Many people will often ask a question; why so many people like replica diamond rolex? We can use mobile phones to know time, with a wrist watch in hand is not very troublesome? And the watch price is so expensive. If you want to know the answer, the most simple and powerful way is to understand the wrist watch in person, when you go into the circle you will find can’t get away. When you have the first table, you will understand appreciate it slowly, perhaps this is the table of poison

Rolex 216570-77210 white

Exploration is a kind of spirit. Explorers challenge the polar end, deep into the Earth, fire, No one set foot on the jedi, etc. In addition to explore the earth, but also to go forward, persistence surrender and adventurous test, and is a process of pursuit of deeper and higher level. Have all the classic elements of traditional Rolex, Just like the second time zone with retro orange needle is classic! And have a fascinating beauty. Plain white dial, black border pointer, fixed (no teeth) drawing table circle strong, real use and better than the matter of ceramic harmony and watches., Rolex Explorer II can be said to be the joker watch, especially fit the men who under the age of 40.

Rolex 114060(black)

Fake rolex submariner Series is definitely NO1 in the field of diving watches, good waterproof performance and unmatched stability both of the industry level. This Black ghost with Ceramic bezel、Adjustable Watch button、blue hair, and so on, the new water ghost just less the calendar display. I prefer no calendar Water ghost, because of the simple and practical

Rolex 116400GV-72400 Black and white / Orange tag

904 l stainless steel watch case with green sapphire crystal glass mirror, with iconic orange lightning needle and luminous time scale and the overall design characteristic, suitable for men who has special magnetically demand. The soft iron inner can resist up to 1000 gauss magnetic field, is really a professional magnetically table. Collocation with brand patent Parachrom blue paramagnetic balance spring 3131 perpetual motion machine, and pass by COSC attestation, belongs to the series of exclusive movement. Started feeling slightly heavy, wear the wrist joint, medium size, slightly thick, feeling is suitable for the majority of men’s wrist, but wear in the special place is best , day with it is not suitable.

Rolex green ghost

Rotary outer ring is the main features of this wristwatch, its gradual scale of 60 minutes let Diver can accurately calculate the diving time and step-down time. Cerachrom word circle appeared in 2005, with special extremely hard ceramics to complete, and the superior erosion resistance materials help to prevent discoloration. Scraping resistance loss of the outer ring will remain intact after the ultraviolet irradiation or contact with chlorine water, for carving number and scale in such hard materials, Rolex developed a unique Deposition technique, wipe gold or platinum plating. Make each circle will take 40 hours, However Rolex unswerving pursue the perfect design and excellent function.